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       The Cornhole Xpress---- We know there are other cornhole builders

out there to choose a nice set from, but before you make that leap, check out

what we have to offer and hear from folks that have made a purchase from us.

I'm sure you will recognize that we are committed to a quality product at a

reasonable price. All of our boards are original and designed by us.  Pick from

some of the finest sets on the internet. Each set is custom made to order.

If you don't see it here or you have an idea on what you want...WE CAN MAKE IT!

Just drop us a note via the "Contact Us" button on the sidebar menu! We will

promptly respond to your request. Designs for any occasion! Tailgating, Birthdays,

Christmas, Graduation, School Events, Fundraisers, Weddings! 

 About Our Cornhole Boards 

If you wanna buy an inexpensive set just expect the fact the materials being used are

inexpensive. We use Premium Sanded 1/2" Birch plywood tops for a great finished look. All

board tops are power nailed with 2" aluminum nails and glued all the way around the tops. The

Southern Cross Select Pine 1" x 4" sides have no knots and all corners are rounded. Our fold

up legs are attached with carriage bolts, washers, and wingnuts for easy storage. Each set is 

expertly finished with 6 coats of gloss waterbase polyurethane and 3 coats of the best

exterior paint to give you a professional look with that added protection against the

UV rays from the sun. Our finishing crew has over 40 years experience in the refinishing

and installation of hardwood floors and we bring that knowledge and expertise to our

workplace to provide you with a top notch looking product at a reasonable

price. Your purchase from The Cornhole Xpress is built to last for many years

of indoor and outdoor fun!


We use top of the line 3M ScotchPrint laminated vinyl on all of our wrap sets. Lamination protects against

the UV rays of the sun for an extended life outside.Again, as in all of our board sets, we finish

each set with 6 coats of water based polyurethane and 3 coats of exterior paint. 

It just doesn't get any better than that!








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